Crosswind Aviation, LLC offers a wide variety of aviation services including contract pilot services, aircraft management, aircraft brokerage, aviation consulting, ferry & delivery, flight instruction & aerial photo’s.

With a network of pilots dedicated to highest level of safety & professionalism, you can be assured you are getting the best in service. Crosswind Aviation is based out of Orangeburg, SC (KOGB) and offers contract pilot and aircraft management services across all of South Carolina. Our pilots maintain currency in almost all single and light twin engine aircraft, along with yearly simulator & recurrent training (SimCom, Flight Safety, etc) on a multitude of aircraft.  Currency is maintained on Barons, PA31 Navajo, P46T Meridian, the BE90, BE10, & BE20 King Air’s, and the CE500, CE550, and CE560 series Cessna Citation's, including an FAA exemption to operate these aircraft as a single pilot.


Please take a moment to review our services and contact us if we can be of assistance to you or your company.


Richie Smith

Owner - Chief Pilot

Crosswind Aviation, LLC

Richie Smith / 803-308-0808 / / Orangeburg, SC

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